MPI version of Gibbs

From: ramon kleber da rocha <>
Date: Mon 3 Dec 2001 15:18:04 -0200 (BDB)

        Dear all,
        I have seen some questions about MPI version of Gibbs on that
mailing list. It seems that there is a doubt if it is available or not.
That doubt is because one can read on install documentation provided and
on the address the following
statement about amber release 6.0:

This release supports both shared memory (fortran directives) and message
passing (MPI) code for sander and gibbs for particular architectures.

        But, when I submit my job on a IBM SP2 machine after compile using
the MPI directives I got the error message:

MPI version of gibbs is currently disabled.

        So, it would be nice if anyone could give us a definitive answer
about this question.

        Besides, I have a choise to install gibbs and sander on a Sun's
Starfire with 32 processors runing shared memory. To do that I have to
create my own machine file, since it is provided only for SGI and Cray.
I'd like to get hints about how to do that.

        Thank you in advance,
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Received on Mon Dec 03 2001 - 09:18:04 PST
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