DNA bend

From: Alexander Issanin <issanin_at_mail.uni-greifswald.de>
Date: Tue 09 Jan 2001 10:11:29 +0100

Dear AMBER users,

   my question doesn't concern AMBER software directly, but most people
who simulate DNA use CURVES-program to analyse the results (for example,
Biochemistry (1998), 37, 9230-). One of the parameters they report is
"overall DNA bend" that supposed to be a bend angle, when DNA-chain is
bended only in one direction (it remains in a plane). In the
CURVES-output file I found only two numbers seem to be useful:

  Overall axis bend ... UU= 27.79 PP= 46.81

I spent a lot of time trying to reproduce the values from literature
combining those numbers, switching options in CURVES etc. It didn't help
much. Could anyone give me an idea how to solve the problem? I use
CURVES 5.3, all other parameters like Roll or Twist was reproduced

Thanks a lot in advance!

Alexander Issanin.
Received on Tue Jan 09 2001 - 01:11:29 PST
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