Re: erfcfun.c for Alpha

From: Chuck Schneider <>
Date: Wed 20 Sep 2000 07:46:43 -0400

Yasuyuki Fujii asked about erfcfun.c for Digital UNIX 4.0E.

If you are using Compaq (nee Digital) Fortran, this should not
be needed. The MACHINEFLAGS definition in the MACHINE file should
contain -DHAS_FTN_ERFC. If a different compiler is being used
(which I wouldn't recommend, but I'm somewhat biased), it is likely
that one of the supplied sources, like src/Machines/g77/erfcfun.c,
would work fine.

Perhaps you could say more about what seems to be wrong with sys.a.
As an offhand guess, you might try deleting any existing sys.a and
rebuilding, to make sure the code in sys.a is consistent with the
current build.

Chuck Schneider
Compaq High Performance Computing Expertise Center
Marlboro, Massachusetts  508-467-7343
Received on Wed Sep 20 2000 - 04:46:43 PDT
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