nmode in amber5

From: Scott E. Boesch <sboesch_at_chemdept.chem.ou.edu>
Date: Tue 14 Dec 1999 07:28:20 -0600


I'm using the nmode utility in amber5. I recompiled it after I
changed the parameters MAXMEMX, MAXMEMI, and naxdup in
amber5/src/nmode/sizes.h and I redimensioned the scr arrays
in amber5/src/nmode/forces.f

When I try the calculation, I now get

    Number of non-bonded pairs = 510002
    Number of H-bonded pairs = 0
      Insufficient memory to hold
      nonbonded pair list
      Memory available for list = 1637

          ***** ERROR STOP *****

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I need to do?



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